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A Collection of Just Breathe Quotes 

A collection of just breathe quotes

If you have been looking for a collection of just breathe quotes to inspire you today then you have found it here.  There may seem to be so much negativity in the world and doom and gloom news. It is so easy to fall into the trap of feeling anxious about everything. The one thing […]

Best Summer Quotes and Captions

A collection of the Best summer quotes and captions

Why do you need some fun Summer quotes?  Well, the days are getting longer and who doesn’t love that. you may be enjoying the temperatures slowly getting warmer and the promise of the glorious sunny summer weather ahead. However, some of us are going through some strange weather. Sometimes it feels like winter does not […]

Why Learning New Things is a Hobby We All Should Have

Why learning new things is a hobby we should all have

Every experience, both good and bad, teaches you something in life. It is up to you whether you are willing to learn from it and progress or just stay still.  Maybe it gives you a chance to learn and open yourself up to new opportunities and adventures.  Life is a journey we all go on […]

Inspirational Quotes About Spring

A selection of beautiful quotes to celebrate Spring. Inspirational quotes. seasonal quotes

Depending on where you are in the world this is the time of year that winter is losing its grip on nature and Spring is spreading. The days are getting longer and that means more chances to enjoy some bright daylight. Being outside and feeling the warmth in the sun is like the dark days […]

Positive Inspirational Quotes

Stay positive and good things will happen. A collection of positive quotes to inspire you. Motivational quotes.

We all have days when things seem so overwhelming and insurmountable, days when we have self doubt and our self confidence seems to be low. Some positive inspirational quotes to pick us up would be just what we need, but how can we find that? Here is a list of some inspirational thoughts and life quotes […]

Motivational Quotes to Help Inspire You Today

Be inspired with positive inspirational quotes

The amazing beauty of motivational quotes. Pinterest is full of them as is the internet itself. They are aimed for the entrepreneurs among us, for work, students, women, men and athletes. Quotes about life or personal development.  The list feels endless.  I find quotes or phrases have different impacts on people. It really depends on […]

47 Positive Good Morning Affirmations

A collection of Good Morning affirmations to help you start the day in a positive way

Looking for some good morning affirmations that will inspire you to start the day in a positive uplifting way?  Always wondered just what they are and what they mean? Positive affirmations are statements that are used to challenge yourself to overcome negative thoughts. When you repeat these affirmations regularly it is believed that you can […]

Quotes to Help You Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

A collection of quotes to help you stop comparing yourself to others

Looking for a collection of quotes to help you stop comparing yourself with others. Why do people waste time and energy comparing themselves to others anyway? A huge drain of your time is in comparing yourself to others. How much time is spent scrolling through social media and thinking how nice they seem to have […]

Monday Motivational Quotes.

A collection of Monday morning quotes to motivate you for the week ahead. Inspirational quotes

What better way to start the week than with some Monday motivational quotes. We eagerly await the weekends and have it fully booked with activities, events, chores or even enjoying a quiet relaxing few days. Either way time passes and Monday morning arrives and it is time to start the week again. Instead of thinking […]

A Collection of “Live in the Moment” Quotes

A collection of live in the moment quotes. Enjoy every moment

Looking for a selection of live in the moment quotes that just capture the emotions perfectly. Scroll down and read some of the following words of wisdom and see which one jumps out to you right now. Which one hits the sweet spot and makes you smile. “Life becomes more meaningful when you realize the […]