The Authentic Assistant

About The Authentic Assistant


Just who is The Authentic Assistant?

Well, the answer to that is you. I’m just the person behind the website.

I have worked as a virtual assistant helping entrepreneurs run their businesses and have met some amazing people and experienced so much. It made me realise that there just seems to be too much to think of and do for all of us and life just seems to be getting even more complicated and time consuming. 

We live in a world of forms, renewals, applications and endless administration tasks. There are cancellations and waiting for appointments, meetings or trying to schedule meetings, for people to get back to us it just seems like it is endless.

Having a personal assistant sounds like a dream that none of us can achieve, but it would be so nice. Maybe you are in charge of managing your family details, your parents or other family members and there is just too much. Staying on top of things and organised may seem like an impossible feat even just for your own life.

So who could be your best assistant? You of course. You know yourself best and you know what needs to be done.

It’s not about downloading another app or handing over your private details to someone else, it’s about starting to believe in yourself, trust yourself and take small steps to claim back your life and your time. You are worth it.

We all only have one life so it’s time to take back control of it and start to live the life you have always wanted to. 

Check out the blog to find a selection of articles to help you start on your way to simplify your life.

Yes I am still working as a virtual assistant so if you are looking for one drop me a line here and find out more.