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Inspirational Customer Service Quotes

A collection of inspirational customer service quotes

The rollercoaster of customer service. We all deal with it everyday. For those of you working in customer service it really is a challenging profession. Yes, I call it a profession. Some people are amazing and the job is fun and so rewarding. Then there are the negative ones and they can be draining and […]

A Collection of Quotes About Complaining

Aesthetic pink themed desk with a notebook and the caption " Don't complain about things if you are not willing to change them."

If you think complaining quotes are negative, think again. It is very easy to moan about things. It is more difficult to come up with solutions to those problems. Take another look at this collection of quotes about complaining and rethink your outlook on criticizing. Inspirational quotes to motivate you to improve your life. Read […]

Self Love Quotes To Inspire You

Self love is not selfish. A collection of self love quotes to inspire you today

What exactly are self love quotes? Are they for the self absorbed people and even the narcissists among us?  No, self love is actually appreciating yourself and supporting your own physical and psychological health. Taking care of your own needs so that you can help and support those around you, whether that is family, friends […]

75 Money Quotes to Inspire You or Make You Laugh

Cute piggy bank in a small shopping trolley with the caption money quotes to inspire you or make you laugh

It is so easy to find money quotes and feel overwhelmed by them. Everyone seems to be talking about money. Although we are hearing that more people have less money than ever before. Of course there is also the other side that some people appear to have more money than ever before.  This has always […]

Entrepreneur Quotes to Help You Start the Day in a Positive Way

Beautiful home office photo with the caption inspirational entrepreneur quotes

As a business owner it can be hard to find the motivation to keep going sometimes. Are you looking for some inspirational entrepreneur quotes to keep you going? Well here is a selection of positive quotes just for you.  For those of us running our own business or side hustle.  For those budding entrepreneurs thinking […]

Simplify Your Life

A photo of a simple minimalistic living room with the caption Simplify Your life

How easy is it to simplify your life?  Have you ever wondered why some things are easy for you to do? Well the things that are easy are the things that you enjoy doing. If it is cooking your own meals then you have learned how to do many different things and now understand what […]

A Collection of Just Breathe Quotes 

A collection of just breathe quotes

If you have been looking for a collection of just breathe quotes to inspire you today then you have found it here.  There may seem to be so much negativity in the world and doom and gloom news. It is so easy to fall into the trap of feeling anxious about everything. The one thing […]

Best Summer Quotes and Captions

Why do you need some fun Summer quotes?  Well, the days are getting longer and who doesn’t love that. you may be enjoying the temperatures slowly getting warmer and the promise of the glorious sunny summer weather ahead. However, some of us are going through some strange weather. Sometimes it feels like winter does not […]

Why Learning New Things is a Hobby We All Should Have

Every experience, both good and bad, teaches you something in life. It is up to you whether you are willing to learn from it and progress or just stay still.  Maybe it gives you a chance to learn and open yourself up to new opportunities and adventures.  Life is a journey we all go on […]

Inspirational Quotes About Spring

Depending on where you are in the world this is the time of year that winter is losing its grip on nature and Spring is spreading. The days are getting longer and that means more chances to enjoy some bright daylight. Being outside and feeling the warmth in the sun is like the dark days […]