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A collection of Good Morning affirmations to help you start the day in a positive way

Looking for some good morning affirmations that will inspire you to start the day in a positive uplifting way? 

Always wondered just what they are and what they mean?

Positive affirmations are statements that are used to challenge yourself to overcome negative thoughts. When you repeat these affirmations regularly it is believed that you can rewire your way of thinking. This leads to a more positive mindset and improved self-esteem. 

Of course there is no affirmation that suits everyone and you may have read them and thought none jumped out to me, well here is a collection of some more to motivate and inspire you today. 

What better way to start the new day than with a smile on your face and a body relaxed and focused on the day’s possibilities. 

Maybe one or two of these call out to you and make you stop and smile. 

Wake up to a new mantra

I have everything I need to make today a great day.


I am enough, just as I am.


Today I live with peace, love, and happiness.


I am a healthy and happy person.


I am feeling healthy and strong today.


Calming thoughts, self-love, optimism, and success will fill this day.


I am thankful for this new day.


I am grateful for my mistakes as they are opportunities to learn. 


Today I will show up with courage and confidence.


I look for the good in all things. 


I will meet any challenges today with ease and grace.


Today I will greet others with an open heart. 


I honour my relationships with love and kindness. 


I am lucky to be alive.


Today is a new day; all things are possible.


I wake up with a clear mind and joyful heart. 

Positive affirmations

I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.


I tend to my body with love and appreciation.


Yesterday is no longer a burden but a lesson. 


I am enough.


I am worthy and I heal through the power of these words. 


Nothing can hold me back.


I am worthy of prosperity and abundance.


I am thankful for today, grateful for the new opportunities.


Today I will focus on what makes me feel good.


I greet this day with gratitude and excitement. 


I have prepared for this.


Today I commit to doing one thing that brings me closer to my goals.


I release all of my anxiety and any negative thoughts that no longer serve me.


I am in a natural wellness state. My body deserves a good day.


Opportunities flow to me from every direction.


I am the writer of my destiny.

Good morning declarations to start your day in a positive way

I can always create a safe place for myself. 


Today I choose happiness over fear.


I wake up to this day inspired and enthusiastic about life.


I am capable of overcoming any challenges that come my way.


Today I will look for the joy in things!


I send love to each organ, bone, and muscle in my body.


I can always create a safe place for myself. 


Today I will choose calm over chaos.


I deserve life, I deserve love, I deserve peace. Today is my day!


I am grateful for all that I have. 


This day is a gift.


I call in energy and focus to carry me through this day.


I look forward to the adventures that today will bring.


Today I choose focus over distraction.


I am looking forward to new opportunities.


I am in control of my mind, my emotions, and my whole self. 

Find the good morning affirmations for you

Of course you may also combine one or two of these phrases and form your own positive good morning affirmation. One that has the powerful combination of words that you need right now. 

Your phrase can change as your life changes, it can always be adapted or rephrased. It is up to you to find the ones that hum in your frequency. 

The positive mindset allows you to enjoy life in the here and now. If you are looking for tips check out the post here. 

Embrace positivity, believe in yourself, and radiate good vibes. Attract amazing opportunities that are waiting for you. 

Start your day in a positive way and make the most of it all!