The Authentic Assistant

Why You Should Be Your Own Personal Assistant.

A photo of a desk top with white potholder and light green plant, a notebook and white cup of coffee. The caption reads Be your own personal assistant.

Just who is the authentic assistant? Well the simple answer to that question is you! Whether you are an entrepreneur, successful or not or even just starting out, working for someone else, managing your family or even your own life.  Who knows you best? You do, of course.  The perfect personal assistant to help you manage […]

How to Create Your own Password Code

Create your own password code

Do you get frustrated when facing the prompt “create a new password?”  Read on and learn how to create your own password code. How are you meant to think of a new password just like that and ensure that it is a strong and secure one and actually be able to remember it? There are […]

How to Improve your Work Life Balance

How to improve your work life balance. diagram includes a work life balance diagram

Who has the perfect work life balance. Are you running your own business? Or are you thinking of starting up your own business? Read endless articles about how these successful people seem to have it all. The easy life style. The successful business. The perfect family and home. You had that business idea and had […]

Effective Email Management

The caption reads check your emails. The importance of email management

Why has email management become so important? With the introduction and amazing progress of technology the rumours of the paperless office began and most people thought it would make life easier with less paperwork.  We would finally become more efficient and productive. We started dreaming about all we could do with the extra time in […]

What Can I Delegate to a Virtual Assistant?

A list of tasks that you can delegate to your virtual assistant. Outsource tasks to an assistant

If you have ever wondered just how a Virtual Assistant could help you? What can you delegate to a Virtual Assistant anyway? Are you running your own business and feel like you are not moving forward. Time seems to be slipping through your fingers and you feel like productivity is a goal you are still […]

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

The benefits of hiring a virtual assistant. A list of the positive things about working with an assistant.

The benefits of working with a virtual assistant may not be obvious at first. As an entrepreneur, your most valuable assets are your time and your skills. For this reason it makes the most sense to save your time and focus your skills on the tasks and activities that you are good at.  Delegate the […]