The Authentic Assistant

How to improve your work life balance. diagram includes a work life balance diagram

Who has the perfect work life balance. Are you running your own business? Or are you thinking of starting up your own business? Read endless articles about how these successful people seem to have it all. The easy life style. The successful business. The perfect family and home.

You had that business idea and had the courage to start it and it is working to a degree. There isn’t enough hours in the day to get enough done. You feel like you are not making progress. 

There seems to be so much to do. You don’t know what to do first and you are just procrastinating. No one person can run a company. Everyone has people working with them and for them. They may be in the background or behind the scenes. It is all about the image.

No time to remember why you even started.

    Watching the administration side piling up. 

    Ignoring the emails or not knowing how to keep on top of things.

    Thinking you don’t have the money to hire someone to work for you.

    You can’t afford to hire an employee. 

    Afraid of letting go of any part of the business.

The answer to your problems

Have you thought about a virtual assistant? They are business owners themselves who know what it is like to run a business. Hiring a virtual assistant means you have someone working with you. 

You delegate tasks to your virtual assistant that you don’t want to or can’t do. They complete the tasks you have assigned them to your standard and they help you run your business successfully. That is to say they work on a project with you, or for a specific time frame e.g. a month. Extensions are possible.

Yes, the beginning is important to establish the way things work. 

Patience and communication is key. It is a deal between two people.

You can let go of the tasks you have outsourced and can focus on the other areas of the business you want and need to focus on.

In the beginning both sides need to be available. Openly discuss the details and agree on the conditions. These may seem trivial but result it a professional and consistent work.

Of course remaining available to your virtual assistant should any issue arise is self explanatory.

This applies to both sides. You have agreed how often you will be updated on how things are e.g. once a week or daily. You can rest assured the work is being completed and to your own standard and you have regular updates to verify.

Yes you can learn to let go and feel your stress levels lowering. You feel your own confidence levels grow and your inner strength to complete other tasks grows with it. This level of empowerment is like an aphrodisiac and it reinvigorates your creativity and your self drive. You become more productive and less busy.

This increase in energy levels even spills out to your personal life as you realise you now have more time and less stress. You have more time to focus on your personal life and your family or start the new hobby you wanted to.

You have more time for your business

Over time your overall work life balance improves. Consequently you begin to see how things can work out.

No one is an expert in everything. Why not delegate the tasks to others. Therefore, it allows you the time to shine in your own areas of expertise. 

This may even allow you the chance and time to learn new skills you potentially need in other areas of your business. Upskilling is an essential part of everyday life.

This investment in your business pays off not just financially but also emotionally and physically.


how to improve your work life balance