The Authentic Assistant

How To Balance Your Day

Is it possible to balance your day?  A day only has 24 hours and we do need an adequate amount of sleep in order to function as a human. Some need more than 7 and others find 7 is enough. You know your own body and what it needs to make you feel like a […]

How To Manage Your Subscriptions

How to manage your subscriptions. Ask yourself do you need another subscription

It is difficult to know how to manage your subscriptions if you don’t even know how many you are signed up to. Where is your money going? Why is it that we can’t buy or own things anymore? There seems to be a subscription for almost everything. It is easy to lose track of all […]

Why Do Words Matter?

Why do words matter? read the post here and find out about the power of words.

We use words everyday and the vocabulary we use seems to be more dumbed down than ever. So why do words matter? Yes I am writing in English so I can only speak for the English language but we seem to have lost so many beautiful descriptive words over time and it makes reading articles boring […]

Congratulations You Have Won An Extra Day

Congratulations you have won an extra day this year. Celebrate 29th February

Yes! You have won an extra day. That is amazing when you think about it like that. In today’s world where we all seem to be rushed off our feet and too busy to do anything. We feel overwhelmed with all the things that we have to do or even want to do. Our to-do […]

50+ Inspirational Quotes For Your Vision Board

50+ Inspirational quotes and affirmations for your vision board

Have you thought about creating a vision board?  What is it anyway?  Well, if you try and find out what one is and why it is the thing to do you can go down that rabbit hole of lost time and energy.  Basically a vision board is a collection of images to reflect your goals […]

21 Things To Do This Month

21 things to do this month that can simplify your life

Looking for a list of 21 things to do this month? It is the beginning of a new year that means most of us are thinking about improving our lives in some way. The challenge is trying to figure out where to start or what to do.  Here is a list of 21 ideas that […]

How To Simplify Your New Year Resolution

How to simplify your new year resolution.

Making a new year resolution seems so daunting and scary. A whole year seems so long. Why not start a new one and say ok new month new beginnings. A month seems more manageable and one that can be tweaked or changed if needed. At the end of the year it is natural to go […]

How To Enjoy A Stress Free Thanksgiving

A photo of a white wooden table with Thanksgiving food and decor on it. The caption reads Stress free Thanksgiving planning

Can there be such a thing as a stress free Thanksgiving? While it is an exciting holiday celebration, most people are looking forward to some time off work and school. Some may travel to visit and spend time with family and friends.  It feels like a happy time. Yes of course, black Friday is also […]

Why You Should Be Your Own Personal Assistant.

A photo of a desk top with white potholder and light green plant, a notebook and white cup of coffee. The caption reads Be your own personal assistant.

Just who is the authentic assistant? Well the simple answer to that question is you! Whether you are an entrepreneur, successful or not or even just starting out, working for someone else, managing your family or even your own life.  Who knows you best? You do, of course.  The perfect personal assistant to help you manage […]

What Happens If You Change Something?

A wooden table with a notebook open on two pages. The quote reads "What happens if you change something?"

If I change something will it have any effect on my life?  Ah that is a very good question. The thing you should also consider is  “If you don’t change something nothing will change.” You will never know if that one thing you changed has any effect at all on your life if you don’t […]