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Is it possible to balance your day? 

A day only has 24 hours and we do need an adequate amount of sleep in order to function as a human. Some need more than 7 and others find 7 is enough. You know your own body and what it needs to make you feel like a human and be able to perform the tasks you need to do. 

We all have roles and responsibilities that we must do each and every day and are a priority. Even the basic things like getting out of bed in time to get ready for the day and all that you have to do. 

Ensuring you have enough time to prepare for the day or get other members of the family ready to go. 

We hear about the perfect work life balance and how we should strive to achieve this. It can be done and I applaud the people who have it. If they honestly maintain it consistently then I am in awe of them. 

Life has a way of just happening and sometimes throwing a spanner in the works and the best laid plans can be thrown out the window. 

This can happen to everyone and anyone and is very natural. 

We cannot expect our days to all go according to plan and it is so nice to have some positive spontaneous things happen as well. 

Why we need balance in our everyday life

While we can’t control everything that happens we can learn how to manage things better. 

Trying to get some kind of balance in our everyday life could be the difference between feeling overwhelmed and feeling motivated. 

Completing our work or jobs is of course a must, we also need to ensure that our home is managed and the daily household tasks are done. We should not forget the importance of eating well, exercising, relaxing and spending time with family, friends and pets. 

If there is a way of figuring out how you can tie in all of these in your day it is amazing. The feeling you experience when you have that balance is so motivating and such a boost to your soul. 

The sense of achievement of completing necessary tasks while also enjoying time for yourself. It could be going for a walk with family or friends and combining exercise with socialising. 

Finding that new hobby that you have always wanted to try. 

A new skill that could be beneficial for your home. Always wanted to learn how to make a shelf or repurpose furniture. 

Feeling that inspired and finding that joy in life, giving you a chance to stop and live in the moment. Start to enjoy the positive things in your life. You will naturally find yourself with extra energy to get more things done to keep up with the serotonin boost you are enjoying. 

Who couldn’t do with that extra boost? 

Plan ahead

If you don’t know what needs to be done today you won’t be able to make time to relax or exercise. That means planning ahead. 

A simple step is taking a few minutes in the evening to jot down what needs to be done tomorrow .

Prioritise the things that you need to do tomorrow. 

  • Can you do anything right now to help you start the day or save time in the morning? 
  • Can you pack the gym bag or prepare lunch? 
  • Do you have the clothes you need? 
  • Have to bring some paperwork or documents and need to have them photocopied beforehand. Why not grab them now and have them ready to go. 

It will save you time tomorrow and ensure that you don’t even feel like procrastinating. You have everything ready to go so getting it done is easier. 

This frees up time in your day to have those moments to go for a walk at lunchtime or get to the gym after work. 

Do you have an upcoming event, holiday or guests coming to stay?

Don’t leave things to the last minute and panic about things the day before. Hating yourself for leaving it again just before and stress levels rising. 

Keep the date in mind and list the things you need to do beforehand. 

Break down the things that you can do now. 

Upcoming holidays. Do you need to renew passports or IDs then leave yourself extra time to do that. Everything seems to take so much longer now.

Guests coming to stay at the weekend. Start doing little household jobs now to clean and prepare the house gradually everyday. Have the things ready the day before and look forward to the time they are here. 

Don’t overload your days with extra tasks that you have procrastinated over. Promise yourself that you will keep adding those relaxing “me time moments” everyday. Even if it is getting up 10 minutes earlier to enjoy the first cup of coffee or tea of the day in silence. Plan something fun for you to do. 

Keep the balance in your day. It is your inner balance you are trying to maintain. 

Treat yourself

Yes, that is right. We are adults and we do deserve it. We can treat ourselves. 

No, it doesn’t need to be diamonds or anything expensive or even materialistic.

A treat or reward for completing a task such as when I clean the bathroom I will enjoy a nice luxurious bath with the new bath salts . 

Have a project you need to complete for work. Why not arrange a coffee date with a friend as something to focus on after that job is done. 

A new flavour or type of tea. Look forward to that pot of tea and enjoy the time. 

The nice long walk in the park or forest you have been meaning to go on. Either by yourself or arrange with a family member or friend and spend some one on one time with them .

Catch up with the person. 

Keep that balance in your day. 

Challenge yourself to find the balance you need in your day and enjoy the positive outcomes you are noticing. . 

It may help you to cope with these unexpected life things that keep happening.

Can we achieve a perfect balance everyday?

Unfortunately we are all human and life has that way of throwing spanners in the works. Always remember they are not always negative things. We also need to embrace the glorious positive interruptions or changes. That is the beauty of life itself. Allow yourself  the time to live in the moment

You will find when you enjoy some days of having that balance and experiencing the healthy sides of socialising, exercising, eating well etc. you are not as upset when those days come that seem extra busy or you have to alter plans to get more of the unpleasant or time intensive tasks. You can always focus on the reward or treat you have promised yourself and know that this day too will pass. 

Tomorrow is a whole new day of possibilities. 

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