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The Best Time To Start Organizing

A worker sitting at a desk with organized paperwork to get their job done.

When is the best time to start organizing? Organization begins with the awareness of what doesn’t work for us.  So what does organization actually mean?  It can be understood as the process or act of organizing or being organized.  It is so easy to be caught up in the whole green eyed monster feeling of […]

Learn How To Be Productive Not Busy

A photo of a tidy desk with the caption Be productive not busy

What does it mean to be productive not busy? So many people are saying they are too busy. They seem to have no time to do anything.  The question to ask is what are they busy about? Scrolling through social media soaking up all their time. FOMO and trying to keep up with the latest […]

The Secret to Achieving A Tidy Desk

A photo of a tidy desk and the caption reads the secret of a tidy desk

Congratulations, if you are reading this then, yes, you do want to find out about the secret to achieving a tidy desk. Maybe it is the curiosity of whether it is that simple. Or could I achieve that goal of having a tidy and organised desk?  Whatever it is that piques your interest, grab hold […]

How To Have A Tidy Desk

How to have a tidy desk

Have you ever sat at your desk and looked around at all that is on it and wondered why can’t I enjoy a tidy desk? Other people make it look easy and organised. What are they doing? How do they manage it? What am I doing wrong?  How about trying out something simple and fun. […]

Simplify Your Life

A photo of a simple minimalistic living room with the caption Simplify Your life

How easy is it to simplify your life?  Have you ever wondered why some things are easy for you to do? Well the things that are easy are the things that you enjoy doing. If it is cooking your own meals then you have learned how to do many different things and now understand what […]

How to Create Your own Password Code

Create your own password code

Do you get frustrated when facing the prompt “create a new password?”  Read on and learn how to create your own password code. How are you meant to think of a new password just like that and ensure that it is a strong and secure one and actually be able to remember it? There are […]

Don’t Forget To Breathe

Don't forget to breathe

When someone tells you “don’t forget to breathe” just what on earth do they mean?  Of course breathing is an essential thing we all do and is not even second nature, it is something we do without even thinking about it.  So why would someone tell you not to forget to breathe? Well this is […]

One Simple Goal

Set yourself one simple goal and simplify your life. Complete your to do list

A goal is an aim or objective that someone is trying to achieve or reach. It is up to you what your goal or goals are. Why not start your journey to a more organised and simple life by setting yourself one simple goal to reach. If your goal is a big one you are […]

Positive Night Time Affirmations

A collection of Positive Night time affirmations to help you get a good night's sleep. Inspirational quotes

We all hear about how important it is to have a good night’s sleep. Our health is intrinsically linked to the quality of our sleep. A parent’s goal is to make sure their babies get enough sleep. This of course continues as they become children. Could reciting some positive night time affirmations be the solution? Yes, […]

The Last Minute Rush

The last minute rush What we can do to save ourselves from stress. Time management. be productive not busy

The stress of the last minute rush can be demoralizing to anyone. Who hasn’t experienced this phenomenon? Well, if you think you have not then are you really being honest with yourself? .  “Nothing makes a person more productive than the last minute.” The best example that most people can relate to is enjoying your […]