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How To Embrace The Beauty of New Beginnings

How to embrace the beauty of new beginnings. Simplify your life. be productive not busy

Have you been thinking about what it would be like to start something new?  Feel like you have been in a rut and life is just plodding along and you have no direction? Looking for some inspiration and new motivation, if you only could do something about it.  Watching what other people have done and […]

How To Do a Brain Dump in Five Steps

How to do a brain dump and declutter your mind. Organisation. Manage your time.

Could a brain dump be the solution to your busy schedule? Do you sometimes feel like your brain has too many tabs and you can’t even remember how many let alone which ones need attention first?  Even with today’s time saving devices and apps you seem to be busier than ever and forgetting more things […]

What if the Top 3 Priorities Method isn’t working?

What if the top 3 priorities method is not working for me

The goal to have an organised life is one that so many of us strive to achieve. You have probably heard and even read about the amazing “top 3 priorities” method of achieving efficiency and full productivity in your day.  Click here for an example. If you have tried it and felt frustrated at how it […]

The Simple 5 Minute Rule

Why not try the simple 5 minute rule and see how it can change your life.

Have you heard about the simple 5 minute rule? Do you find yourself in a constant battle of keeping up with things? Procrastination seems to be winning. Things are not done. The number of tasks seem to be overwhelming and even increasing. Deadlines are missed and panic sets in as even more things are added […]

Work Expands to Fill Available Time

Work expands to fill time. Be productive not busy. time management.

How many of us have heard this quote “work expands to fill available time” and not really thought about what it really means and where it even came from. I remember hearing it first when I was a child and it didn’t seem to make sense. Oh how things have changed as an adult. Where […]

Email Humour and How to Look at them in a Different Way.

Email humour. Quotes to help you look at emails in a different way. Inspirational quotes.

We deal with emails everyday. Some cannot remember a time before them. Sometimes a little email humour can go a long way. Was it simpler and less stressful?  There are many different types of emails we all receive. From private to work and all kinds in between. This includes spam, phishing, unsolicited and the new types […]

How to Declutter your Time

How to declutter your time. Be productive not busy.

Did you know that you can declutter your time? There are so many articles can be written about decluttering and the numerous ways we can declutter our home from the wardrobes to kitchen drawers, handbags to garages? If it was that easy we would all have perfect homes.  Most of us are thinking when do […]

How to Improve your Work Life Balance

How to improve your work life balance. diagram includes a work life balance diagram

Who has the perfect work life balance. Are you running your own business? Or are you thinking of starting up your own business? Read endless articles about how these successful people seem to have it all. The easy life style. The successful business. The perfect family and home. You had that business idea and had […]

Time Management is Life Management

Time management is life management. five tips to improve time management

Time Management is the process of organising and planning how to divide up your time to complete specific tasks or activities. This is working smarter not harder. It applies to both work life and private life. We can all think of someone who always claims to be busy. The question to ask is are they […]

What Can You Do In One Minute?

Clock showing one minute. What can you do in one minute?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all that has to be done in one day? Have you wondered just how some people seem to be able to do it all and not be stressed? There is not enough minutes in the day. How do they do it and where do they have the time to get it […]