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21 things to do this month that can simplify your life

Looking for a list of 21 things to do this month?

It is the beginning of a new year that means most of us are thinking about improving our lives in some way. The challenge is trying to figure out where to start or what to do. 

Here is a list of 21 ideas that can kick start you on a journey to new habits, new routines and ways to simplify your life. Check out the list and see which one or ones spark your interest.

Set a time and go through your phone, laptop or computer

Check out the post about apps and how to keep yourself safe when downloading and how many you use.

Delete any unused apps. Save the photos from your phone to your computer/hard drive or cloud or even to each one whichever way you want to do it. 

Delete them from your device. 

Enjoy having more storage space on your phone. 

Check your inbox

Go through your inbox and delete the old emails that are no longer relevant. File any important ones to their relevant folders

Unsubscribe from email lists that no longer serve a purpose. 

Password updates

How long has it been since you changed your passwords? Why not create your own password code and make it easier to do it. Check out here. 

Tidy up your desk or command centre

Things have a way of piling up in a very quick and subtle way. How much easier would it be if you walked towards a nice organised desk? How about trying out a fun way to achieve that tidy desk. Check out the secret and fun way to achieve the tidy desk.

Organise important documents

Sort out the paperwork, bills, invoices, insurance policies, medical records and financial paperwork. Organise them into a filing system that makes sense to you. 

Note all appointments or important dates

Take out the calendar for 2024 and write down the important birthdays and dates to remember 

Add any appointment or deadlines you know of right now and be able to plan around it. Check out the store for more.

Challenge yourself

Go one day without social media. Can you do it? 

Check your bank statements

Note all the subscriptions you have. How much money is going out for things that you no longer use. Cancel those subscriptions. 

Why not put that money into a savings box and see how much money you have at the end of the year. 

Cash is king. If you still use cash, collect the coins and small notes in your purse/wallet each day and add them to a coin box. Count it at the end of a month or 6 months and see how much has added up.

Start small and think about your health

Can you go for a short walk everyday? Park further away and walk to the store. Get off a stop earlier on the public transport and walk the last stop. 

Don’t forget to breathe

In all the stress of everyday life we forget about the simple things and how important they are to us. Want to learn more about the importance of breathing

Start a journal / Keep a diary

Looking at all the empty notebooks you have around the place and not sure what to do with them. Check out the post here and the list of options you have. 

Take a moment to express gratitude 

It is so important to say thank you when others do good things for you. Somehow we seem to have forgotten the art of expressing gratitude and acknowledging positive actions. Take a moment in your day and start to notice the little things. 

Simplify your holiday planning

Take the stress away and write out things already for upcoming vacations. Keep the list handy and add to it as your holiday approaches. Don’t forget to add the to do list of things that have to be done at home before you leave. These could be simple things like who is watering the plants or more important like who is minding your pet or pets. 

Learn how to complain without complaining

Fed up with things not working out and feel like getting used or treated badly by other people or in your everyday life. How do other people solve these issues successfully? Read the post here and learn how to complain without complaining. Don’t let stress build up and manage your reactions to negative situations. 

What organisational system are you using? 

There is not one system that suits everyone. If you have been using one and feeling frustrated why not try another one. What do you know about a brain dump? Or the Top 3 priorities? 

You don’t need to stick with one system. If it is not working for you it is working against you and why not try something new. Find out more here.

Keep calm and make a list or two

Don’t feel overwhelmed about the thought of lists. They can be fun. 

Christmas and New Year have just finished and some still have the decorations up. 

When you are taking them down. Take note of any broken or missing items. 

Write down the things that you wish you would have done and didn’t or lost track. 

Help your future self in being more prepared and organised for Christmas 2024

While you are at it make a quick note of the events of the year and add the things that spring to your mind right now. 

Easter, birthdays, family events.

Learn something new

You are never too old to learn something new. Take it as a challenge to yourself and make it a hobby to learn new things. Embrace the beauty of new beginnings. 

Stop and take a moment to smell the roses!

Life has a way of being busy and complicated at times. This is why it is so important to slow down and live in the moment. Focus on yourself and your surroundings. 

Make a food inventory 

We all have some food items in our home and may have lost track of what we actually have. It is time to make an inventory of what items you have in your home. This could be a weekend job in itself depending on how much storage space you have and the things that you have to do.  

Clear out your fridge and get rid of anything that is old out of date and gone off. 

Clean the fridge and re-organize it. Do the same with the freezer and cupboards. 

Make a list of the food that needs to be used as soon as possible. 

Write a list of any items you need to buy or replace. 

Meal plan to use the food up and only buy what you need. 

Save some money in the process and reduce food waste. 

Plan some healthy meals and snacks. 

Be your own assistant

Fed up not remembering things and forgetting payment dates or important things. 

Don’t rely on apps or others to manage your life. Learn how to take back control of your everyday life and start to become your own personal assistant. 

It is easier than you realise. 

Start to live and enjoy your own life and all the exciting things that can happen. Find out more here. 

Declutter your time

In all the posts about decluttering things in your life the most important one of time is often overlooked. Check out the tips here. 

We all have the same 24 hours in the day and it is up to us how we use the time we have. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with the things that have  to be done and thinking we can’t do it, why not look at things differently. 

Have you heard of the saying work expands to fill time? Well read the post here and find out how you can redefine the concept and make time work for you.

Inspirational things to do in the month

It can seem overwhelming not knowing where to start or think of things that can change and improve your life. This is just a simple list of 21 things to do in the month. With more time on your hands and a focus on your priorities you have probably thought of other ideas and tasks that you can do to simplify your life.

It is time to be productive and not just busy.

21 ideas of things to do this month to improve your life

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