The Authentic Assistant

A worker sitting at a desk with organized paperwork to get their job done.

When is the best time to start organizing?

Organization begins with the awareness of what doesn’t work for us. 

So what does organization actually mean? 

It can be understood as the process or act of organizing or being organized. 

It is so easy to be caught up in the whole green eyed monster feeling of how other people seem to be so organized and together.. They seem to have it all or to be able to manage their lives with ease and in control of everything. Nothing seems to faze them. Late payments are not an issue.

How do they seem to have all the bargains and best deals in their utility contracts or insurance?

They seem to have their life in order. How do they do it? 

The secret to an organised life

They have found a way of having things set up that works for them.

We are all different and that is a beautiful thing. We cannot be exactly like anyone else.

You may live alone and that means it is all up to you and you need to be aware of everything and on top of everything. It is only for you that you have to do this. 

You could have a partner and you have split the management of different tasks. You may have a family or be responsible for older family members. The jobs we have vary and some work different shift plans than others. 

No one plan works for everyone. We all need to find the one that works and suits our family set up and our lifestyle. 

If you see someone who you think is on top of everything, they have found a method that works for them. Also don’t worry no one has it all or does it all. You may only see the well oiled clockwork part and  they may struggle in some areas that you have mastered and they may look at you and wish they could do as you do in that area. 

Another reason not to compare yourself to others. 

How do I know when to start organising?

The simple answer is that it begins when you notice something doesn’t work for you. 

If you find that you can’t remember what food you have in the freezer and have no idea what food needs to be used first and keep buying items you already have then you know you how you currently store and keep food is not working. 

The first step is to do an inventory of all the food items you have and identify the food that really needs to be used as soon as possible .This simplifies the meal planning process. 

Making the grocery list is now easier as you know what you have and what is missing. 

This frees up time for you, saves money buying only what you need and lowers your overall stress levels with meal planning.

If you are trying to get work done and find yourself constantly looking for the stapler or the pens or paper clips, then you know the set up you have right now is not working for you. So a de-clutter is needed.

You have acknowledged that the way things are organized right now does not work for you. It is time for a change or shake up.

Start to organise can be overwhelming

Fed up with not remembering the bills and when they are due or having another late payment fee? Then you know you need to sort out your finances and understand your money health, 

It seems daunting at first and you may fear the whole thing. However you have noticed it is not working as it is so you know you need to organize it to sort it out. 

The time you invest in going through your finances will help you in the long run. 

Gather all your bills and your expenses and write out your monthly income and the expenses you have for the month.

When are the bills due. – rent/mortgage, utilities, memberships etc.

The end goal of having that overview of where the money comes in and goes out and of course when is like a weight off your shoulders.

It is not as hard as you thought it was in the beginning and the feeling of achievement is huge. Maybe now is the time to boost your savings or pay off the debt quicker. 

Write down the things that annoy you right now

The list could be long. No, I just mean the things that annoy you that seem to take up your time or procrastinate over. Is it filing your taxes? Or household chores, garden maintenance, paperwork, bills, meal planning or shopping. 

If it seems to be a bother for you and you are wasting time thinking or overthinking it then they are not working for you right now. 

Taking one at a time, focus on how you can change the way you are doing it and improve your productivity levels. 

When is the best time to start organising?

If you have tried a new method and you notice that it is not working for you that is ok. It means it is time for a change. It is now when organization begins. 

There is no one method that works for everyone and as your life and situation changes the way of doing something may not work anymore. You can always adapt or change the organization to suit your current needs. 

What worked for years may not work now. That is normal. 

Life is a learning process and the possibility of streamlining a process that simplifies a task or chore in your life is considered a win-win. 

This can be seen in work and personal life. It is time to work smarter not harder and time to be productive not busy. 

Don’t feel overwhelmed. Start with something small and build up on that. Now is the best time for organizing.