The Authentic Assistant

A wooden table with a notebook open on two pages. The quote reads "What happens if you change something?"

If I change something will it have any effect on my life? 

Ah that is a very good question. The thing you should also consider is 

“If you don’t change something nothing will change.”

You will never know if that one thing you changed has any effect at all on your life if you don’t try it. Your life will just remain the same. 

Feeling overwhelmed?

Feeling like you are living in a hamster cage and just keep running and running like on a hamster wheel but you are not getting anywhere? 

Busy is the way of life for most people. Busy doing what though? 

Are you stressed in the morning as soon as you wake up thinking about everything that you need to do today? Knowing that you will probably forget something and it could be something important. 

Why not take 5 minutes before going to bed and grab one of those empty notebooks you have lying  around and make it a Priority list book 

Write down the things that you need to do tomorrow and even the following days. 

Clear your mind of everything that is bothering you right now. 

Admit it, usually just before going to bed is the time the mind thinks about things that you should do. By morning you may have forgotten about them. 

Can you get some things done together? Eg return books to the library and collect prescriptions at the chemist? 

Combining some tasks may simplify things. Save you money and time. 

How big does the change have to be?

That is the beauty of it all. It does not have to be something big at all. 

  • Only having one cup of coffee in the morning instead of two.
  • Drinking a glass of warm water first thing in the morning. 
  • Making some appointments that you have been putting off. 
  • Setting out the clothes you want to wear the next day. 
  • Leaving the home 5 minutes earlier. 
  • Make a spot in your home for you and family members to put keys/fobs etc. Everyone knows where they are. 
  • Park the car further from the store and walk the extra steps. 
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator. 
  • Make sure you and your family get outside everyday for a short walk
  • Collect all the paperwork in one spot
  • Throw out flyers or junk mail as soon as you check if they are relevant or not. 
  • List the tasks/appointments you have for the week ahead. 

It is so often the little things in life that make the most impact. Who knows how any one of these examples could improve things if you don’t try it out.

Make some time in your day

Yes, some alone time for yourself, going for a walk or enjoying that glass of water in the morning. Think about your life and what is stressing you out the most.

Is it the long commute to work? The job you are in? The home needs decluttering?

Whatever it is that will be the focus for now, break down the problem. 

If it is the commute to work. Is there another way of commuting? Is public transport an option? A form of hybrid work so e.g. only 2 or 3 days in the office. 

Is there another way of getting to work?

Decluttering the home seems daunting and you have no idea where to start. 

If you have to buy something new to replace something that is broken then throw the broken item away, or remove any spare parts that may be beneficial. 

Take 15 minutes and empty out a drawer in the kitchen and sort through the items there. This can be done with any drawer or cupboard. 

Just doing one 15 minute job to ensure you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Who knows this may be the boost you need to motivate you to tackle another drawer and before you know it 4 drawers are done and the place feels better already.

Feel like you are not getting enough exercise and can’t make the time in the evenings then why not go for a walk at lunch break. Even a short stroll just to get moving. Notice how good it feels to have some movement in your day. Not rushing to and from places but a leisurely stroll. 

If you have children why not take them along with you on an after dinner stroll. 

Sometimes doing that one small thing can change your whole outlook on life and make you realise this is not set in stone. 

Things have not fallen apart because I changed this one thing. 

Maybe other family members have been feeling in a rut themselves and seeing you change things up inspires them to do the same. This could be the start to whole new adventures. 

Small things matter

If you ever think one small thing is not going to have an impact. 

Ask someone who is desperately trying to fall asleep and the buzzing little insect in the room is suddenly amplified to the nth level and you are wide awake needing to hunt down this intruder. 

You don’t even see the insect buzzing around all the time but you do hear it. It has an impact on your life. Your desperate need for some deep sleep.  

Mosquitoes are the deadliest animals in the world. They kill more humans than any other animal. 

Spice up your life and change something

Why not try and change something small in your daily life and see how it impacts the rest of your day or even your life. 

It doesn’t have to be drastic, it can be something simple that may not even cost anything to do. 

Who knows where this could lead you. By making that simple change it could boost your overall confidence and spark something positive in your life. 

If you are not confident about the big decisions, start small and see how it feels.

Change can be a good thing.

“If you don’t change something nothing will change.”