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The Last Minute Rush

The last minute rush What we can do to save ourselves from stress. Time management. be productive not busy

The stress of the last minute rush can be demoralizing to anyone. Who hasn’t experienced this phenomenon? Well, if you think you have not then are you really being honest with yourself? .  “Nothing makes a person more productive than the last minute.” The best example that most people can relate to is enjoying your […]

What if the Top 3 Priorities Method isn’t working?

What if the top 3 priorities method is not working for me

The goal to have an organised life is one that so many of us strive to achieve. You have probably heard and even read about the amazing “top 3 priorities” method of achieving efficiency and full productivity in your day.  Click here for an example. If you have tried it and felt frustrated at how it […]

Time Management is Life Management

Time management is life management. five tips to improve time management

Time Management is the process of organising and planning how to divide up your time to complete specific tasks or activities. This is working smarter not harder. It applies to both work life and private life. We can all think of someone who always claims to be busy. The question to ask is are they […]

What Can You Do In One Minute?

Clock showing one minute. What can you do in one minute?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all that has to be done in one day? Have you wondered just how some people seem to be able to do it all and not be stressed? There is not enough minutes in the day. How do they do it and where do they have the time to get it […]

A Collection of Quotes About Time

A collection of time management quotes to inspire you

There are so many time management quotes but what is time management and why is it so important? “Time management is the process of deciding on the order in which you will do tasks, making sure that they are done on schedule.”   Collins Dictionary Who couldn’t do with more time in the day. Time […]