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A collection of Positive Night time affirmations to help you get a good night's sleep. Inspirational quotes

We all hear about how important it is to have a good night’s sleep. Our health is intrinsically linked to the quality of our sleep. A parent’s goal is to make sure their babies get enough sleep. This of course continues as they become children. Could reciting some positive night time affirmations be the solution?

Yes, good sleep is vital to each of us regardless of age. Maybe overtime we need less sleep but the quality of that sleep is important. 

So how do we achieve this goal and what can we do to reach that goal?

Well some would jump straight to some kind of medication and hope that it solves the problem immediately. Is it the right choice? Well that is something each person needs to make for themselves. 

There are so many suggestions as to how someone can get their good night’s sleep. This can begin with not eating before going to bed or what kind of drinks help you fall asleep. 

Having a bath or a routine to wind down for the day.

How about trying something simple at first to refocus your mind and reflect on the good that has happened today. 

Reciting positive night time affirmations to calm the mind and clear your thoughts of anything negative. 

These are phrases or statements which are positive and help to inspire you, encourage positive changes in your life and promote peace and calm. Who couldn’t use that in today’s world. 

There are so many possibilities out there and how can someone find the uplifting affirmations that work for them? 

Check the list below for a collection of some confidence building phrases to help you focus on the positive, calm the mind and prepare your body for the restful quality sleep that is desperately needed.

Powerful night time affirmations for your soul

My body is relaxed and ready for sleep.

Tomorrow is full of wonderful possibilities.

I am grateful to be here.

I deserve to rest well.

I am safe and secure where I am.

I am inviting positive energy into my body.

I love and accept my body.

I release my day and all that happened.

I am at ease. 

I am calm.

It feels good to lie still.

I embrace rest and I welcome sleep.

I am allowed to feel good at the end of the day.

This is my time to heal.

I breathe deeply and slowly. 

I am safe and secure and my future is ok.

My heart is happy and fulfilled.

I allow myself to enjoy taking this rest. 

Bedtime affirmations for the soul

Sleep comes naturally for me. 

I deserve a deep sleep to heal my body.

Sleep is a safe place for me.

With every breath, I find peace.

Today was great, but tomorrow will be even better. 

Sleep calms and invigorates me. 

I am creating the life of my dreams.

I allow my mind to come to rest.

Everything is perfect at the moment. 

I am happy to be able to sleep.

I attract positivity into my life. 

It’s safe to put my thoughts on hold while I sleep.

Night time affirmations for a good night's rest

I focus on the present moment.

There is nothing else I need to do right now. 

I deserve peace.

I allow myself to be here now.

I am grateful for being here. 

I focus on the present moment.

I breathe in worries and breathe out stress.

My eyes are closing and my mind is shutting off. 

I approve of my goals and desires.

I appreciate all that life has to offer.

I no longer worry about what I can’t control.

My sense of self improves with sleep. 

The thought of sleep is calming and comforting. 

I deserve to rest well.

Calming affirmations to say before bed

I feel myself at peace with every breath I take. I deserve good dreams.

I have done enough today. I’m at peace with the universe. Great things will come my way.

I am not defined by my mistakes today. I deserve a good night’s sleep.

I am worthy of tomorrow.

I deserve love. I deserve peace. I deserve calm.

Stress and worries cannot control me. I will let go and be at peace. I deserve a good night’s sleep.

I did my best today. I am ready to be recharged. Tomorrow is a new day filled with possibilities.

This is the time to be by myself.

I define my own standard of beauty.

The benefits of trying some positive night time affirmations

Positive night time affirmations are calming and inspirational statements which can help you calm your mind and reduce stress. Know that as you prepare yourself for bed the day is done. You have done all that you can for that day and the best investment you can make right now is in yourself and getting that good night’s sleep that everyone craves. The quality of deep sleep can make the difference in how you start your new day with motivation and energy to ensure you are ready for the tasks and open to new possibilities along the way.

It costs nothing to try and can make a huge difference in your overall life and health.