The Authentic Assistant

How To Manage Your Subscriptions

How to manage your subscriptions. Ask yourself do you need another subscription

It is difficult to know how to manage your subscriptions if you don’t even know how many you are signed up to. Where is your money going? Why is it that we can’t buy or own things anymore? There seems to be a subscription for almost everything. It is easy to lose track of all […]

Keep calm and make a to-do list

Think inside the box

Just make a to-do list. That sounds easy doesn’t it? It can also sound overwhelming Wow there are so many things that you have to do and so many that you want to do.. How on earth can you even write a list? It would come out like the list that unrolls and never ends. […]

How To Do A Month End Review

Learn how to do a month end review.

Do you do a review at the end of the month? If not, why not?  It is the perfect time to reflect on the things that you have achieved in that month and plan out what needs to be done for the next month.  An end of the month review is not a practice only […]

How To Simplify Your New Year Resolution

How to simplify your new year resolution.

Making a new year resolution seems so daunting and scary. A whole year seems so long. Why not start a new one and say ok new month new beginnings. A month seems more manageable and one that can be tweaked or changed if needed. At the end of the year it is natural to go […]

Christmas Planning Made Easy

A photo of wrapped christmas present with a wooden calendar marked 25th December. A notepad and pencil ready for the list.

How is your Christmas planning going?  Yes it is December. The year has just flown by and it seems to go quicker every year. Are we wishing our lives away and just looking forward to things and not even enjoying the moment. We can’t change the fact that it is December and Christmas is around […]

How To Enjoy A Stress Free Thanksgiving

A photo of a white wooden table with Thanksgiving food and decor on it. The caption reads Stress free Thanksgiving planning

Can there be such a thing as a stress free Thanksgiving? While it is an exciting holiday celebration, most people are looking forward to some time off work and school. Some may travel to visit and spend time with family and friends.  It feels like a happy time. Yes of course, black Friday is also […]

Why You Should Be Your Own Personal Assistant.

A photo of a desk top with white potholder and light green plant, a notebook and white cup of coffee. The caption reads Be your own personal assistant.

Just who is the authentic assistant? Well the simple answer to that question is you! Whether you are an entrepreneur, successful or not or even just starting out, working for someone else, managing your family or even your own life.  Who knows you best? You do, of course.  The perfect personal assistant to help you manage […]

What Happens If You Change Something?

A wooden table with a notebook open on two pages. The quote reads "What happens if you change something?"

If I change something will it have any effect on my life?  Ah that is a very good question. The thing you should also consider is  “If you don’t change something nothing will change.” You will never know if that one thing you changed has any effect at all on your life if you don’t […]

How To Complain Without Complaining

Aesthetic photo to calm you down with the phrase How to complain without complaining. Advocate for your rights.

We are all guilty of complaining about things in our everyday life. Some do it more than others. Who doesn’t know of someone in their lives who seems to get a thrill out of criticising something or someone else.  Whining about things is a hobby for some. Others hate having to confront an issue and […]

What Organisational System Are You Using?

aesthetic photo of desk with clock and pink flowers with caption. Is your organisational system working for you?

It doesn’t matter what organisational system you are currently using, the important question to ask yourself is, is this method working for me? “Implement whatever organisational system works best for you, but then be sure to review your to-do list at least once a week. Cheryl Barker Don’t be afraid to change the organisation system […]