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A Collection of Quotes About Complaining

Aesthetic pink themed desk with a notebook and the caption " Don't complain about things if you are not willing to change them."

If you think complaining quotes are negative, think again. It is very easy to moan about things. It is more difficult to come up with solutions to those problems. Take another look at this collection of quotes about complaining and rethink your outlook on criticizing. Inspirational quotes to motivate you to improve your life. Read […]

How To Complain Without Complaining

Aesthetic photo to calm you down with the phrase How to complain without complaining. Advocate for your rights.

We are all guilty of complaining about things in our everyday life. Some do it more than others. Who doesn’t know of someone in their lives who seems to get a thrill out of criticising something or someone else.  Whining about things is a hobby for some. Others hate having to confront an issue and […]

What Organisational System Are You Using?

aesthetic photo of desk with clock and pink flowers with caption. Is your organisational system working for you?

It doesn’t matter what organisational system you are currently using, the important question to ask yourself is, is this method working for me? “Implement whatever organisational system works best for you, but then be sure to review your to-do list at least once a week. Cheryl Barker Don’t be afraid to change the organisation system […]

Self Love Quotes To Inspire You

Self love is not selfish. A collection of self love quotes to inspire you today

What exactly are self love quotes? Are they for the self absorbed people and even the narcissists among us?  No, self love is actually appreciating yourself and supporting your own physical and psychological health. Taking care of your own needs so that you can help and support those around you, whether that is family, friends […]

Things To Do With Empty Notebooks

A list of things to do with empty notebooks

Do you have a pile of empty notebooks and don’t know what to do with them? In this digital age where there are apps for almost everything you can imagine life can feel even more overwhelming. Do you need these notepads anymore? You have finally got around to organising your home. Maybe you have cleared out […]

75 Money Quotes to Inspire You or Make You Laugh

Cute piggy bank in a small shopping trolley with the caption money quotes to inspire you or make you laugh

It is so easy to find money quotes and feel overwhelmed by them. Everyone seems to be talking about money. Although we are hearing that more people have less money than ever before. Of course there is also the other side that some people appear to have more money than ever before.  This has always […]

Holiday Packing Made Easy

Photo of suitcases packed and ready for vacation with the Holiday packing made easy

Is there a way of making holiday packing easier than it is right now?  What if there was a way of simplifying the process and it is really basic. This can apply to family vacations, business trips, cruises, weekend breaks, camping trips and any kind of travel.  Oh the excitement of thinking about holidays and […]

Entrepreneur Quotes to Help You Start the Day in a Positive Way

Beautiful home office photo with the caption inspirational entrepreneur quotes

As a business owner it can be hard to find the motivation to keep going sometimes. Are you looking for some inspirational entrepreneur quotes to keep you going? Well here is a selection of positive quotes just for you.  For those of us running our own business or side hustle.  For those budding entrepreneurs thinking […]

The Best Time To Start Organizing

A worker sitting at a desk with organized paperwork to get their job done.

When is the best time to start organizing? Organization begins with the awareness of what doesn’t work for us.  So what does organization actually mean?  It can be understood as the process or act of organizing or being organized.  It is so easy to be caught up in the whole green eyed monster feeling of […]

Learn How To Be Productive Not Busy

A photo of a tidy desk with the caption Be productive not busy

What does it mean to be productive not busy? So many people are saying they are too busy. They seem to have no time to do anything.  The question to ask is what are they busy about? Scrolling through social media soaking up all their time. FOMO and trying to keep up with the latest […]