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Set yourself one simple goal and simplify your life. Complete your to do list

A goal is an aim or objective that someone is trying to achieve or reach. It is up to you what your goal or goals are. Why not start your journey to a more organised and simple life by setting yourself one simple goal to reach.

If your goal is a big one you are setting yourself up to fail. At the very least you are lining yourself up to frustration and procrastination. Owning your dream home cannot be realised in one week or a month. Well, now the average person needs to save for a very long time. This goal needs a lot of time and effort to reach.

Set yourself one simple goal

Setting yourself a simple goal is easily obtainable. Furthermore, using this feeling of accomplishment and the motivation you receive gives you the boost to set another simple goal.

Without realising it, you can break down a big goal into smaller steps that help you on the way to reach the actual end goal.

Want to live a healthier life? Break this down into easy and manageable steps.
By completing the small steps towards it, the extra movement or extra activity and healthier eating, this becomes a habit and, in turn, this inspires you to carry on.

it may surprise you how effective this can be.

Why not try it within your family as well. Children respond well to positive reinforcement .

The common day dream of how life would be so simple if things would be organised and efficient. Looking at other people who you think have the perfect life and seem to have it all is the worst thing you can do. No one knows the life they are leading and the struggles they are having in their everyday lives. Maybe they are barely hanging on themselves.

Setting yourself a target to aim for is the first step

Breaking it down to easy to reach simple goals is the next one. Life is not a sprint. It is a marathon.

  • Take an hour break on one day this week and go for a walk.
  • Leave the office by 6pm
  • Don’t read any work emails at home.
  • Disconnect from technology for one day this week. Take Sunday as an example and spend the day outside. 
  • Practice gratitude and acknowledge the kindness of others. 
  • Learn something new.
  • Be more productive.
  • Stay open minded to new opportunities.
  • Learn from failure.
  • Improve your work life balance.
  • Develop your time management skills.

Who says setting basic goals can't be fun?

They may be the very thing that you have been putting off for so long. However, you know it needs to be done. 

  • Clear out the junk drawer in the kitchen. Everyone has one or two. 


This could be fun. Don’t think negative about it. Who knows what you may find at the bottom of the drawer. Sort out the things and throw out the rubbish, used batteries or things no longer useful. If you have small containers to fit in he drawer try adding new batteries in one or store matches and candles. An organised drawer means you can find things quicker.

  • Empty out your handbag or purse and go through the paperwork or receipts that you have. 
  • Spend Saturday with your family just outside. Go for a walk and bring some picnic food and things along. It doesn’t have to cost anything. go for a walk in the park or local forest. 
  • Arrange to meet friends outside and go for a walk.
  • Take an inventory of the food you have in your home. 


This means the fridge, freezer and cupboards. Sort out what is out of date or almost out of date. Make a meal plan and incorporate the food you need to use up.

One simple goal could be defrost the freezer. Doing this means you find out what is at the bottom of the freezer taking up space, cleans out the freezer making it more efficient.

This can significantly lower your food bill and reduce food waste.

Anything to save money nowadays is a win.

Why not try out the one simple goal

You don’t have to make it complicated. Life has a way of doing that all by itself without you even trying.

Trying out the one simple thing goal is a way of slowing things down and focusing on the one basic step.

Being able to achieve that and feeling the boost of motivation from doing it. This is the inspiration to set yourself another simple goal and another one. Simplify your life one step at a time.