The Authentic Assistant

A photo of a desk top with white potholder and light green plant, a notebook and white cup of coffee. The caption reads Be your own personal assistant.

Just who is the authentic assistant? Well the simple answer to that question is you!

Whether you are an entrepreneur, successful or not or even just starting out, working for someone else, managing your family or even your own life. 

Who knows you best? You do, of course. 

The perfect personal assistant to help you manage things is yourself. You know where your priorities are and what needs to be done. 

Are we all filled with self doubt and fear of standing out? 

Maybe, we are all a little bit unsure and then a little bit overwhelmed with it all. 

Things have become more complicated and time consuming. 

Why is it that the promise of things being made so much easier with technology is not really true?

Life was easier

Are you finding yourself thinking life was so much easier last year or a few years ago? Wait, that is only “old people” talk. Life really was simpler. 

One thing for sure is when you thought things were easier was also a time in your life that you had less apps and devices than you do now. 

There is a thought to ponder over. So have the apps improved your life at all?

Who is running your life right now?

Life seems to be filled with advertisements and they all seem to be drawing you into another way of making everything easier. 

  • Just download this app and let it control your shopping.
  • If you are not using this app then you are just out of the in crowd and can’t keep up with the Jones’s
  • What you are not using this “insert radical new chemical phrase” face cream to eliminate all the wrinkles you have?
  • You don’t have this app on your device? How are you keeping in touch with anyone?

How are you functioning as an adult if your phone is not almost full to capacity with apps to basically control every aspect of your life. 

So many apps you don’t even remember downloading them and can’t even remember when you last used them. 

Don’t worry, they do. They know exactly how many times you have used it and don’t care if you don’t anymore. They have access to all your data anyway. That door has been opened.

Sometimes you only remember installing it when you get an update notice. Sadly, most people just update things automatically and don’t even think if they actually use it anymore.

Every update is basically in their best interest, not yours.

Why not start trusting yourself.

Working as a virtual assistant is rewarding and amazing when you meet the clients who you click and vibe with and mutually benefit from the contract. 

The number of times I have heard how can I trust you and what you are doing? Excellent point, it is better if the client does ask and it gives you both the chance to get to know each other before committing to any contract. 

Why would someone pay peanuts to some agency for some stranger to do the work when for the peanuts they are paid they don’t have any pride, connection or even interest in the work they are doing for you. 

The phrase you get what you pay for springs to mind. Saving money on important things is not the best investment. 

I have found that a lot of my clients are just overwhelmed with all the outside influences of what they should be doing and not on what they are trying to do with their business. Feeling forced into getting all the programmes and apps that everyone else seems to be using and frustrated at not having the time to learn how to use them properly. 

Some may even have multiple apps doing similar things. It feels like an information overload. 

By taking the time to stop and remember why they started their business and what their goals were they have been able to strip back on unnecessary stress, remove useless programmes or apps and prioritize things. 

They focus on the work they have to do for their business and streamline the processes.

Find the applications that do the work you want to be done and for you. Read the post here and find out how you can protect yourself when downloading new apps.

Trusting and believing in yourself and your abilities.  Don’t let apps or others control your life. Learn how to be your own assistant and start living your life.

Be your own personal assistant

We all have 24 hours in our day and it is up to us to fill the time that best suits us. 

Of course sleep is essential and vital as is eating and drinking (water of course.) 

We cut off segments of the day to fulfil our duties as a human for work and personal reasons. 

How can we keep on top of everything within these hours? Everybody may have different ways to achieve this. What works for me may not work for you or a variation may work for the next person. 

Adaptation is the way to go.

Why not start with doing a brain dump to find out what tasks are occupying your thoughts. Click here to find out how to do one in 5 simple steps

Don’t put your trust in devices. Put that trust in yourself. You don’t need to have a secretary to manage your life you can be your own personal assistant.

Allow yourself the ability to think about things. Declutter your mind from all the to do lists and focus on the here and now. Prioritise things. 

Start believing in yourself that you can manage things.

It is possible for you to make all the appointments, manage your health and your own finances. Keep track of the food you have and plan some healthy meals. You can run your own business and manage your household. 

You can become your own assistant and do your own administration work

I use the old school way of pen and paper and make a list of things that need to be done. 

Having a calendar and marking down appointments and tasks make it easier to plan out your day, week or month. 

Plan out your time e.g. if you have to go to the chemist are there other tasks you need to do in that area. Collect the dry cleaning, go to the post office or the bank if you are lucky enough to have one of those in your town. 

This has always worked for me and I have adapted the planners over time to suit the changes in my life.

Check out some of my blog posts and see if any of them spark your curiosity and motivate you to try something new. 

Who knows you may be inspired to try something new. Saving you time, money and lowering your stress levels is a win. 

If you try some of the tips and they don’t work for you that is also a win as you are closer to finding the methods that work for you. 

Try them out and adapt them to your lifestyle.

Be your own authentic personal assistant

Life is always changing and that is the beauty of it all. Sometimes negative things and sometimes positive. 

We can’t control everything in our life and it would be scary if we could. Spontaneity can be fun. 

What we can control are the everyday tasks that we have to do. Why not master them and streamline the mundane tasks so you can do them without overthinking. 

You are your best supporter. You should be your own cheerleader too. 

If you know things are not working for you then you know it is in your best interest to change them. 

Never stop learning how to do things. The more you know the more you can help yourself make those decisions in your best interest. Investing the time in yourself is never wrong. You are worth the investment in yourself and you should be your own advocate in things. Becoming your own personal assistant is so empowering in itself.