The Authentic Assistant

Who should you trust? Why you need to trust yourself. Believe in yourself. Self confidence

The one person you should be trusting is yourself.  You should be able to trust your own instincts, feelings and thoughts. Who knows you best? You do!

There is only one you and you should have faith in yourself. Be able to trust your intuition, your feelings and your gut instincts. The ability to honour your ethics and your values. Staying true to yourself and your character, not letting others influence you. 

Listening to others and informing yourself is important. Trusting your own thought process to come to your own informed decisions. Knowing your own limits and abilities empowers you to push yourself to reach for those opportunities that arise in your life. 

Self-trust is essential for everyone, it is all about self-respect. It does not mean you think you’re better than everyone or that you know everything. It is all about understanding your own strengths and weaknesses.

Having self confidence and belief that you can do things. You can challenge yourself and achieve those goals you have set for yourself. 

While we need to trust other people they also need to be able to trust us. How can we expect others to trust us if we can’t trust ourselves? 

Some people may think allowing people to trust you makes you vulnerable or weak. It is actually quite the opposite. 

Knowing that there are people who blindly trust you is such an empowering feeling. They may have told you their deepest secrets that they trust you will keep and turn to you in their time of need. To know that if there is a situation they could call you at 3am and you would be there. 

Babies are born vulnerable and need the care from trusting adults. The absolute innocence when you realise that your child/children trust you to be there for them, to support them, encourage them, celebrate with them and console them, that trust is precious and priceless. 

If only every child had that chance to have some adults or even one in their life that they could trust. The difference that could make. 

Parents who trust themselves as parents and their abilities are more comfortable with their children and the whole family dynamic is wholesome and almost calming. 

Then comes the mutual trust

While they trust you, you can trust them. Unfortunately there are so many people in the world who are selfish, self centred and prey on trusting people. They know how to manipulate and control situations.

We can’t know everything and we can’t be experts at everything so we do need to trust other people. The accountant that they will really be working for you and helping you get the most out of your finances.

Is the lawyer you hire working in your best interest or dragging it out to make more billable hours for them? Are you getting the advice you need or deserve?

Struggling to stay on top of your finances? Can’t figure out how to manage your money or where it goes. Trust yourself that if you keep track of it. List all the money coming in and the outgoing expenses you will get a picture of your financial status. You will learn where and how savings could be made.

When you use your bank card you are trusting that the access to your account is safe and secure. You are tracked and followed on almost every website you visit. Your information is collected and sold off and you have no idea. 

Can you really trust your computer or mobile device to keep you safe? Or the shop or restaurant that uses your card. Online banking apps: how safe are they? 

If you want to learn more about protecting your safety when downloading and using apps click here 

You are smart enough to decide what meal you want in a restaurant. Furthermore, you know which item of clothing you want to buy in the shop. Listening to the advice of the sales person or waiter is always an option. However you still make the decision yourself and in your best interest. 

Maybe you have too much self doubt that you can do things. Maybe you didn’t get the encouragement you needed, the support when you needed it. 

Every expert was once a beginner and of course no one can do it all, not right away.

Do you need to hand over responsibilities to someone else and lose part of your life in the process? Maybe you can start doing some small steps to build up the belief in yourself and what you are doing? 

A boost in self-esteem could be just what you need

Never thought you could cook? Or understand how to save money with food. Start by making a list of the food you like, jump into pinterest and online and look up recipes. Set yourself a goal of trying out one or two meals. Just follow the instructions and see how things go.

Set yourself challenges, bask in your success and learn from any mistakes. It’s the best way to learn new skills. 

Trusting yourself is believing in yourself. When you learn to believe in yourself and listen to your inner voice things become easier. That niggling pain you have been experiencing. Maybe it is time to listen to your body and list the changes you have noticed yourself. You do know your body best and maybe it is time to have it checked out by a doctor. 

Have you noticed something different in your house? Something needs fixing. Confronting the problem right now may be the best thing as it may not be as bad as you thought. Ignoring it could lead to many more problems down the line. 

The wonderful thing you have at your fingertips is the internet to find out what is going on.

The smoke alarm is beeping? Is it the battery? How do I check or replace it? Well there is probably something online to explain it and possibly to fix it if it is something simple.

Learn how to do things for yourself and enjoy those mini wins in your life. 

The more self confidence you have the more motivation you have to challenge yourself to learn more and achieve more. 

Want to start small and try something out?

Grab a piece of paper, any scrap paper and list the things that are on your mind right now. Declutter your brain. 

Once you are finished is there anything that can be done today. Is there something that you would like to be able to do yourself?

Why not tackle them or learn how to do it, it may not be as difficult as you think.

Set yourself a goal and aim for it. Can you fix it yourself or do you need an expert? The knowledge you have gained in learning about it makes you more informed when dealing with the professional. You can ask relevant questions and hopefully not get ripped off. Trust your gut and believe in yourself. 

Start by taking that one step forward. Taking that one task to challenge yourself and realise just how much you can do and achieve. Consequently building up on that assertiveness you begin to notice your confidence grow.

What did I have on my list? Well one of them was that my washing machine was not working. Can I learn about what is wrong and could I fix it myself? The answer to that is yes I did and it was embarrassingly easy. There was a hair clip stuck in the filter. I now regularly check my filter.

When I found a leak in a pipe I knew I couldn’t fix that. I needed a plumber.

The important thing is to know your limits. 

Sometimes words or phrases can have that right impact when you need it. One quote or saying just hits the spot and gives you the energy you need right now. 

We should all trust ourselves more. Trust we can make a decision for ourselves in our best interest.

All of us have to interact with people throughout our lives. Some of them we can trust and others we can’t. Sometimes there is mutual respect and trust which makes life easier for all concerned parties. 

The one person you should be trusting is yourself. The important thing to take from this all is no one person can know everything. There always comes a time when you have to allow others to do their thing.

Never forget. You should always listen to your inner voice, trust your gut instinct and acknowledge that if something doesn’t feel right to you there is a reason for it. 

It may be as simple as you don’t understand what is going on and you need to inform yourself more before agreeing to it, e.g. before signing the contract. 

Maybe the people don’t feel trustworthy or just not right. Learn to take a deep breath and listen to what your body and mind is telling you before answering or committing yourself.

If a professional is telling you something and you are not sure, ask them to explain it. Should they explain in a way that makes no sense to you or if you don’t believe them, then something is telling you it feels wrong and you can get a second or third opinion. 

If someone doesn’t respect or trust you and expects you to trust them, you have the right to respect yourself, to trust yourself and remove yourself from that situation.

Self confidence can be built up. It may not be easy and it may take a while but it is achievable and trusting yourself is the first step. Every journey starts with the first step. 

You will be surprised at how much you can achieve when you start believing in yourself.