The Authentic Assistant

A list of tasks that you can delegate to your virtual assistant. Outsource tasks to an assistant

If you have ever wondered just how a Virtual Assistant could help you? What can you delegate to a Virtual Assistant anyway?

Are you running your own business and feel like you are not moving forward. Time seems to be slipping through your fingers and you feel like productivity is a goal you are still striving to achieve. There seem to be 100s of tasks that need to be done and not enough time in the day to do them in.

The thought of hiring someone to help you out seems like an answer to your problems but it also feels intimidating. Can I afford to hire someone full-time? 

Maybe it is time to think about the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant and delegate the tasks you have been procrastinating over. 


Here is a list of some of the tasks that can be handed over to a competent virtual assistant.


  • Data entry
  • Calendar maintenance
  • Customer service through email
  • Email management
  • Email marketing
  • Sending Thank You’s
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Form preparation
  • Creating and updating SOP’s
  • Project management
  • Organising G-Drive files
  • Translation
  • Brainstorming ideas for blog posts, products etc.
  • Affiliate program maintenance
  • Creating surveys and online forms
  • Setting up newsletter opt-in forms
  • Troubleshooting 
  • Streamlining and optimising systems 
  • Setting up spreadsheets
  • PR management
  • Managing customer databases


  • Bookkeeping
  • Billing and invoices
  • Affiliate program maintenance
  • PR management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Lead generation
  • Setting up sales funnels
  • Product launches
  • Blog post promotion
  • Press release creation 
  • Ebook, course or membership promotion and management
  • Database creation and management


  • Graphic design
  • Copy writing
  • Proofreading
  • Website maintenance
  • Formatting blog posts
  • Moderating blog comments
  • SEO optimisation
  • E book formatting
  • Customer service
  • Product launch assistance
  • Pinterest management
  • Social media management
  • Podcast creation


  • Keyword research
  • Travel and event planning
  • Product and market
  • Product price comparison
  • Patent and licensing
  • SWOT analysis
  • Education

If you are an author, coach, entrepreneur, educator or even thinking about setting up your own business then research is a vital and time consuming task that can be easily outsourced to a virtual assistant. Oh the rabbit holes we go down trying to find out information on the internet. Time seems to slip by and the amount of information can be daunting.

The list could have been broken down into so many tiny parts of each task but this is just a general list of possible tasks. Who has the time to read a really long list of items when maybe only a few apply to you.

Of course there is no way of covering all jobs that need to be completed to successfully run your business. If there are any areas where you feel overwhelmed which are not on the list and you would like some help or even a sounding board.

Just contact me here by filling in the form here. 

If you would rather email me Please drop me a line! 

Just the thought of not having to do the tasks that you have been putting off seems like a lottery win. You can feel the stress levels lowering. Who wouldn’t love to have more time. Time to focus on your skills, the chance to fall in love with why you started your business and feel the energy and motivation grow again. 

Smile while working on your business again!