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Photo of suitcases packed and ready for vacation with the Holiday packing made easy

Is there a way of making holiday packing easier than it is right now? 

What if there was a way of simplifying the process and it is really basic.

This can apply to family vacations, business trips, cruises, weekend breaks, camping trips and any kind of travel. 

Oh the excitement of thinking about holidays and planning it. The exhilaration of booking it and the anticipation of the vacation itself. As soon as you book and confirm it you feel like you can start the countdown to your time off and why not? It is meant to be relaxing and a time to recharge your batteries and have some fun. Shrug off all the responsibilities of your everyday life and experience something new. Spend some quality time with family or friends and make some new ones along the way. 

Ah the stories you can have to tell when you come back home. The incidents that may have been frustrating at the time can now be funny to relive. Sometimes delays or cancellations can lead to new discoveries and force you into conversing with other people sharing the experience. It is all part of the whole package. 

Oh no! moments while on vacation

We have all been there. You have it all planned out and have put so much time thinking about all that you need and may even have it written out. 

Then you find you have way too many clothes and items that you will never need or use and hey wait, I forgot the charger or something small and simple but absolutely vital. 

This could be your favourite hand cream or even a face cloth. Something small and you realise how much you miss it right now.

Or you have brought too much stuff.

Oh those moments of looking at what is in your bag and thinking why did I bring two jackets when I could have used the space to buy things here and bring them back home. 

They are the frustrating ones. Which one is worse? Well that all depends.

If you are heading off on holiday

Bring along one piece of paper and pen. You could also use your phone/tablet or laptop whatever you bring along on the trip. 

When you are there, jot down the things that you forgot to pack and wish you had.

Make note of the things you have along and don’t need or won’t use on this trip and why.

That is it. Short and simple. Keep this list and when you come home make sure you add it to your holiday planning list. 

This ensures you note the items you use and need when on holiday and when you are preparing for your next trip you have the list. 

If you have already been on holiday and are back home again

Well who doesn’t love to revisit the vacation and reminisce about the whole thing. Now is the time to sit down and write that same list. 

It may be a very short one and it may be long but it is an important one. 

While you were away what was it that you needed but did not have. How many items did you pack and never use? 

It sounds simple but life is so busy and it is easy to forget things. 

Simplify your holiday packing

Everything seems to be going up in price and the cost of holidays is going up, savings are going down. No one wants to have to buy extra items while on holiday that we have at home. Extra expenses that don’t need to happen. Especially when it is items that could have travelled with even in the plane.

As you check the list you have you know the basic things that you or your family need and it can be adapted to other trips as well. 

Going on a cruise for the first time and you are not sure what to bring. Checking online for tips from other travellers who have been is a must. This gives you the general information and tips that you would not have thought of. Looking over your list means you are also personally covered. 

Business trip and you have to travel light. Having an important list for you means you know the essentials and have the space and time to focus on the things you need for work. 

We have all packed too many items for our holidays and trips and regretted it pretty fast. However I feel we have all been there having forgotten some vital things that we can’t do without. 

The surprising thing is when you notice just what those essential items are, the list may be quite short. 

It makes you think about how many things you have in your home right now that you actually don’t really need to function and it just takes up space. 

Holiday packing made easy

Travelling can be so expensive as it is and any way of cutting the expenses is a win for all. 

Focus on the important things that you and your family need. Travel insurance is always on your mind then now is the time to research it and find out how it could benefit you. 

If you think of anything that can remove stress from your well earned time away that is a win.

If you are going to stay with friends or family then think about what you are bringing and when you are there or when you come back home, note what you actually used when you were there and what you forgot. Having that list will help you the next time. Did your hosts do something really nice to make your stay even more special then don’t forget to write that down as well. Maybe you can implement it in your own home for your next guests.

Have you had some family or friends staying with you recently to think about what you prepared for them and what they needed. Maybe they also brought some useful practical things along that you could do when your next guests arrive. 

The best time to think about what you need is when you are on holiday or even just after it. The whole thing is fresh in your mind. 

Planning a camping trip then the same applies. Check out what other people recommend and compare it to your own list of your essentials. Once you are there you will quickly notice what you are missing or don’t need. As you chat with fellow campers you will find out what they have and feel inspired. Maybe it is something that would make packing for your next camping vacation easier. 

Happy Travelling!