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Good morning affirmations to start the day in a positive way

What are good morning affirmations?

They can be defined as statements that affirm and justify something to be true. 

So positive affirmations are positive phrases a person repeats to themselves to help them manifest the things they want and to achieve positive changes in their lives.  

The affirmations can be mantras, quotes or phrases that can be short or long but have an impact on you. They speak to you on a personal level and put yourself in a positive emotional state. These empower and inspire you to be the kind of person that you want to be. 

Words of wisdom that encourage the mind to focus on the calm and on what you want to achieve. They help to remove any negative thinking that you have had during the night. Encourage you to remove the stress and pessimistic views and focus on the optimistic outlook we need to start our day. 

The importance of starting the day with a positive attitude

Starting the day with a positive mindset could be the difference in having the right frame of mind to notice the opportunities that are available to you on that day and the energy to acknowledge and avail of them. You are ready to tackle what may come your way.  

Starting the day with a negative mindset narrows your viewpoint and like wearing blinkers you may miss the solutions to the problems that you worried about in the first place. 

Can good morning affirmations work?

Well of course they are not magic and may not always work. However the mind is a powerful thing and I think we have all been in moments or situations in our life where we surprise ourselves afterwards that we did cope and got through it. Maybe there have been dark moments or lonely times and some of us have had health scares ourselves or family members. No, there is no scientific proof that a positive mindset cures everything, but who is to say that it can’t when so many of us have experienced the benefits of the positive mind.

You realise that sometimes it was something that someone in your life said to you, or you heard or read somewhere. Some words or phrases spoke to you and they gave you that inner strength to carry on. 

We cannot control the things that happen to us everyday but we can control how we react to them. Starting the day in a calm and good state of mind is the building block to continue the day positively.

Have you ever slept in and realised you had to rush to get ready for school or work? The whole day is ruined as you seem to be playing constant catch up and not living in the moment and aware of your surroundings. 

Adapting it to your own morning routine

We are all leading different lives and are in different seasons of our life. Some are also in shift work so your morning start may be late in the day for others. 

Finding the morning routine that suits you best is a wonderful way to start the day. 

If it can be adapted to your changing shift times that is even better. The constant rotation of early shift, late shift and night shift can take its toll on your health and sleep cycle. To get into the habit of using affirmations, plan it out in your routines and keep doin it.

Boost your self-esteem.

While in the shower, brushing your teeth, meditating or doing morning exercise, enjoying the morning coffee, tea or lemon water.

Maybe while preparing for work, getting your kids up and ready for the day or your journey to work. Whichever routine works for you. 

How do you find a good morning affirmation?

There is no algorithm for the perfect one. There are so many quotes, phrases, affirmations, self-help books that you could read and you find yourself writing out one or two or even a few that jump out to you. We are all individuals and have different life experiences and tastes.

If you are looking for some more inspirational quotes for you to ponder over check out my list below to start you off.

When you have found the ones for you it is time to put them into your normal morning routine. 

The important thing to remember is that they are and should be your good morning positive affirmations. Copying someone else’s may not be the ones that you need or may not even speak to you. 

Don’t panic, it may take a while to find the perfect one for you. There is nothing stopping you just collecting them and working through some. You can have just one that works for you right now or a selection of ones you alternate when needed. 

The choice is up to you and what works for you. 

Delete those that don’t work and open your mind to new ones. 

It should be fun and uplifting and empowering. 

Words matter and when you find the ones that matter most to you, hold on to them and start using them. Feel the positive motivation inspire you and boost your self confidence. 

Some daily affirmations to inspire you today

Today I am sending out light and love into the world.


I am open to the amazing possibilities of this day.


Today will be a great day!


I have everything I need to succeed. 


This day is a blessing; I will use it wisely.


I am grateful for today, for my mind and for my body. I look forward to overcoming and thriving. 


Worries, stress, outside and internal pressures can’t control me. I will be at peace, let go, and be kind to myself. 


I am open to new and exciting opportunities.


I’m worthy of achieving my dreams and deserving of great things.  


I am healthy and capable of thanking my body with a day full of joy and accomplishments.

Positive good morning affirmations for you

I love and accept this mind and this body. I will nourish and cherish them through loving thoughts, today and always.


Today I choose to see the good in things.


I commit to living in the present moment.


My time is valuable and I use it wisely.


I am not defined by past mistakes. I am up and awake. No matter what, I am worthy of today. 


My body is worthy of love and healthy choices.


I lovingly do everything I can to assist my body in maintaining health. 


I choose to stop worrying, stressing, and dwelling on negativity. 


To be positive is to be productive. 


I am worthy of love and respect.


I can do anything I set my mind to.