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Congratulations you have won an extra day this year. Celebrate 29th February

Yes! You have won an extra day. That is amazing when you think about it like that.

In today’s world where we all seem to be rushed off our feet and too busy to do anything. We feel overwhelmed with all the things that we have to do or even want to do. Our to-do list seems to never end. We only add to it but can’t cross off items as quickly. 

Well, this is your year. This is a different year and we all win something. No, you have not entered a competition that you have forgotten about. No, it is not a scam and you don’t need to download anything or give any details or information for this prize. 

You get it just like everyone else does. 

What would you do with an extra day?

A question often pops up.. What would you do if you had extra time in your week? How would you choose to spend the free time you have? 

Every day has 24 hours and every week has 168 hours. That is what we all have. 

This year has something special in it and we all seem to overlook it. 

2024 is a leap year and it happens every 4 years. For all those people born in a leap year and on February 29th it is so unique. 

The comments start early on in life for these people such as oh you can only have a party every four years and make jokes about it. However as they become adults it can be turned around to wow! They are so young they only age up every four years. So instead of being 40 they are only 10. 

Can we turn back time? 

Happy birthday to all those who are born on 29th February

It is also the year of the Olympics, that is often the only reason some people realise it is a leap year. That sounds sad and unfortunately quite true.

Why has it not been commercialised?

Ah that is a good question. Sometimes I think the fact that it only happens every four years means that it takes too long to come around again and not enough money can be made from making it a commercialised event in this case.

While that sounds sad in a way and reflects badly on us. Are humans really that fickle? The majority of people probably are. Waiting for things is not something that is encouraged nowadays. It seems that people want things right now. 

You send a text or message and expect a reply immediately. You post on social media and you expect likes or acknowledgement as soon as possible. Why are people not sitting on their phone and reacting straight away? 

So the concept of waiting four years for a celebration seems impossible at those terms. 

Christmas comes once a year and is celebrated around the world and we all agree that shops seem to sneak in Christmas items earlier and earlier every year. Who wants to see Christmas items in September? 

It was not even Christmas and there were some sneaky items placed in stores for upcoming occasions. Patience seems to be growing thinner. 

It is what makes me think this is why they have not commercialised it. 

The positive side to winning an extra day

Personally I love the fact that it remains the way it is. I am glad it continues to be overlooked by materialistic endeavours and remains somewhat personal. 

It is a celebration we can do for ourselves. No matter how big or small. Something personal and private just for us. Something social media does not have to dictate or take over. 

A chance to think for yourself and what would make you happy, what would spark you joy?

It is a Thursday this year and so it is in the middle of the working week for most of us. There are of course shift workers that is why I say most. 

This does not mean you can’t make something of the day. 

  • Have the breakfast that you love.
  • Make a lunch date with someone or enjoy a quiet coffee in a new cafe.
  • Go for a walk around the town and do some window shopping. Check out what is in the area.
  • Wake up early and take the time to enjoy the sunrise.
  • Treat yourself. It doesn’t have to be something expensive or even cost money. 
  • Plan a fun dinner party for family or friends.
  • Family movie night with take away.
  • Start a new tradition 

What will you do with your extra day?

There is time to think about it and come up with some mini treats for yourself. 

Don’t let the absence of commercialism drown your enthusiasm. Instead let it inspire you to create your own extra day traditions. 

A lot can change in four years. What a wonderful way of celebrating all that you have got through in the last few years. All that you have achieved and how far you have come. 

There is nothing to compare it to and you don’t need to top anyone else. 

This is your extra day and something to smile about. It doesn’t have to cost anything or only something small. You have won something truly special and why not enjoy it. 2024 has 366 days of opportunities for you. 

Congratulations you have won an extra day. You deserve to treat yourself. 

Treat yourself on 29th February. How will you celebrate your extra day this year?

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