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Positive Inspirational Quotes

We all have days when things seem so overwhelming and insurmountable, days when we have self doubt and our self confidence seems to be low. Some positive inspirational quotes to pick us up would be just what we need, but how can we find that? Here is a list of some inspirational thoughts and life quotes […]

Motivational Quotes to Help Inspire You Today

The amazing beauty of motivational quotes. Pinterest is full of them as is the internet itself. They are aimed for the entrepreneurs among us, for work, students, women, men and athletes. Quotes about life or personal development.  The list feels endless.  I find quotes or phrases have different impacts on people. It really depends on […]

47 Positive Good Morning Affirmations

Looking for some good morning affirmations that will inspire you to start the day in a positive uplifting way?  Always wondered just what they are and what they mean? Of course there is no affirmation that suits everyone and you may have read them and thought none jumped out to me, well here is a […]

A Collection of “Live in the Moment” Quotes

Looking for a selection of live in the moment quotes that just capture the emotions perfectly. Scroll down and read some of the following words of wisdom and see which one jumps out to you right now. Which one hits the sweet spot and makes you smile. “Life becomes more meaningful when you realize the […]

67 Friday Quotes to Boost your Mood

Who couldn’t use some motivational Friday quotes to get you through the week. Why does it take longer to reach the clocking off time?  Who doesn’t love Fridays and the excitement for the upcoming weekend.  Students looking forward to time off school and workers eager to switch off from the grind of work.  People who […]

Good Morning Affirmations are the Best Way to Start the Day.

What are good morning affirmations? They can be defined as statements that affirm and justify something to be true.  So positive affirmations are positive phrases a person repeats to themselves to help them manifest the things they want and to achieve positive changes in their lives.   The affirmations can be mantras, quotes or phrases that […]

21 Organizational Quotes to Motivate You

Feeling overwhelmed with all the things that you need to do in your home, work or personal life? Looking for some inspirational organizational quotes to get you pumped up and ready to start organizing things? Or even some motivational words of wisdom to keep the momentum going then here are a collection of 21 organization […]

21 Productivity Quotes for Entrepreneurs

Having some motivational productivity quotes on hand makes it easier to start my day in a positive way. Being a self-employed Virtual Assistant means it is all about being productive and using my time wisely and efficiently.  We are only human and motivation is something that each of us needs to find and maintain.  As […]